07 April 2017

Take Care :)

Bubbles of Clearing ~ Primal Painter
Virtually EVERY DAY is now intense, energetically speaking. Cycles are getting even shorter, with shifts occurring more and more frequently. If we remember what we've been told years ago, this is EXACTLY the situation the closer we get to "IT"....until every cycle, every shift, culminates in one single unimaginably massive burst of Cosmic Re-Genesis moment. And I know I don't have to remind everyone ~ but I will ~ we need these energies as if they were they were the sustenance required for us to make our own inner transformations. And they ARE :)  These energies are literally Manna from Heaven.

Stating the obvious, we are navigating through very challenging times right now. So many sources have said this, and so many have communicated to me their own experiences. Especially for those who are also playing a pivotal role, in your own special-unique-beautiful-exquisite Divinely Magical way, in this Cosmic Reset, it can be a superhuman task. Just hold that thought for a moment, feel into it and allow yourself the compassion you need.....

I've said all this before, but sometimes in our most trying times, we tend to forget, so I'll say it again. Remember to reach for your spiritual tools and do what you need to do to take care of yourself. If you haven't yet listened to Lee Harris' latest update, please give it a go to see if it helps.

Right now, in addition to my usual tracks, I'm finding Tom Kenyon's Restoration very helpful, and I'm also listening to Ek Ong Kar Satgur Pras (Lightness of Being) by SatKirin Kaur Khalsa. They may not appeal to all, find something that works for you.

Just for info, there have been 48 Solar Flares with the Schumann Frequencies going off the charts intermittently since 1 April. We are all bathing in a soup of Cosmic Flux. Coupled with the recent volatile situations as reported by Cobra and Pleiades 1, as well as the desperate attempts on the physical plane to thwart Planetary Ascension ~ well, you get the picture. And if that's not enough, add to the mix in our loved ones who are getting triggered and acting out as they experience their own clearing and transformation.

So, dear Beautiful Light Family....take care of yourself. Do remember to throw in a huge dollop of Self-Love :)  And connect with your Divinity like never before. It is YOU, after all :)

On a final note, I deeply apologise for the email situation. I'll start working on that today after I post a couple more things here.

Namaste and Blessings!

Thank you to Space Observing System for these charts!


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