14 April 2017

The Holy Spirit/Dove Activation ~ Aluna Joy Yaxkin ~ 16 July 2015 / 8 April 2017

This is the preamble to the above message, from Aluna Joy's fb page:

Old Ways Do Not Open New Doors! And New DOORS Are OPENING!

Sometime since 2013 began, I was told by the Star Elders that there was a big course correction that was voted on by the collective consciousness. In this vote, we decided not fully ascend until ALL souls were ready to do so. Archangel Michael calls this the NO ONE LEFT BEHIND code! First, this means that we can stop worrying about our family and loved ones, and deeply focus on our personal growth and awakening, because what we do for ourselves, we also do for everyone. We are all connected. Secondly, this shift is going to take more time than originally planned, and some pretty crazy “wake up” dramas will be created to help all of humanity to open their eyes. It will be our new and very important job to NOT ENGAGE IN THE DRAMA, but to LEAVE A PATH TO NEW WAYS OF CONSCIOUSNESS that we are just now beginning to understand. In the grand scope of the universe, this is well worth the added time as it is nothing but a blink of the eye in the universe.

This collective vote also began to change the way I release my Sacred Site Messages. In the past, I would always post my messages ASAP, and in the order that they came to me. But recently, many messages were given for other times in the future. This new message release format is a clue that humanity is moving slowly into spherical time (non-linear time). So we are sitting here on a large back log of recorded messages and sacred site essences. So from this point on I will not post messages until I am given the green light from spirit to release them. This means we have to hunt through all the text from the last three years to find what they want us to release as the Star Elders do not use dates. You will know what has been posted on our web site recently by scanning our list of articles for the “NEW” graphic!

The interesting thing is that our pilgrimage groups are getting regularly catapulted into the future with information that they might not be able to apply or emanate out into the world until the rest of the world gets closer to a like-minded alignment. Yet these transmissions do grow inside Raphael, myself and our groups as we personally integrate these new frequencies. I find this is creating some landing back home issues, making us feel more like fish out of water more now than ever before. We are outlanders. For me, I can feel new codes birthing inside of me, and I am starting to feel like I am coming out of a very long hibernation. In spite of outer appearances, big things are happening in the lighted undercurrents of humanity, much like in the reclusive, hidden orders of the Masters of the past. We are excited to see where all this leads us now.

A new message has been prepared for release in a few minutes… so check back in soon. The topic… The Holy Spirit/Dove Activation from Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England. Read in a quiet meditative space for maximum effects!

Source: Aluna Joy

Aluna Joy Yaxkin and the Holy Spirit, The Order of the Marys, Archangel Michael.
Received on July 16, 2015 - Finally released on April 8, 2017!

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Read in a quiet meditative space for maximum effects!

Chalice Well gardens were really quiet. We usually feel the energy clear out at the car park. It was subtle this morning. We entered on our private visit to the well, and I was taken aback by the lack of greeting from the ancient guardians. I heard that this is because they say that they are not HERE, but they are in the next world which they want to bring us into.

Above us, we could see/feel a huge, energetic pattern of a White Dove. Our group had worked yesterday, in the Lady's Chapel in Glastonbury Abby, with an ancient order of goddesses. They are now taking off the cloaks that they had covered us in. (Even though you could not read yesterday's message, in spherical time, I am told that this does not matter). What they would like to do is ask you (all of you reading this) permission for an activation. No beings of light will do anything without your permission. Before you say YES… they want to explain. What they are asking to do is to dismantle your body, every single cell in it, or decompose it. They see it is time for your old body to decompose, because they know the old paradigm is dying away. In the Inca Lands, it is believed that this process happens when you are struck by lightning. You are dismantled and rebuilt in an instant. This is the same kind of principle, but we are not going to be struck by lightning; but instead blessed by the Holy Spirit. When we allow every molecule of our bodies to fall apart and come back together again, it reboots our programming and memory, and it reboots our entire system. If you already gave permission for this process to take place, you are probably already starting to feel it … kind of a woozy, kind of a wafting kind of feeling like you are not quite physical. Just breathe.

Mother Mary is stepping forward (a dove coos in the background), and she is saying we will be struck by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will come into all the spaces in-between all the molecules of our body and erase the out-of-date past. It will upgrade our molecules and put us back together in a way that is more harmonious for the new world that we are entering into. So it is going to take several minutes to do this. It is probably good that you are sitting down.

Now the energy of the Holy Spirit is coming up from the Earth and down from the center of the universe at the same time. We are going to allow our personal protection shields to come down, so the Grace and Light of this Goddess Order and the Holy Spirit can reboot and uplift our bodies. Then we can let it start to grow and expand inside of us. So if you are ready… here we go.

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