14 April 2017

The New Temple of the Divine Self ~ Sandra Walter ~ 14 April 2017

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
This timeline split is one of the more interesting projects I have worked on. The affect on my consciousness and experience is profound; it is another passage of I will never be the same as the lower self continues to fade.

The New Template of Self reveals the New Temple of the Divine Self
Resolving the Destroy this temple and I will rebuild it in three days metaphor unfolds in our realities on a global scale. It takes patience to integrate and comprehend this latest upgrade of consciousness. Instant integration is still true for some frequencies, however leveling up changed with the timeline split, which is still in progress. The recommendation for rest, meditation in the stillness, and maintaining a calm center remains essential. Personally I spend most of my days in lengthy meditative states, hours of Gatework training with the Cosmic Stargates, and just BEing in the stillness, bearing witness to my body and consciousness leveling up. Many dreamtime visits with the Tribe as well; thank you for the lovely emails when you see me.

Purification of the timelines is reflected in our lifestreams; with the spiritual upgrade comes responsibility, Beloveds. Time dynamics are shaken, magnetics shift to accommodate the influx, and the HUman heart grid is lit up by the activation of the embodiers. Visions can surprise us; you may see Gaia disappear. Breathe, it’s just the transformation to a higher version of her.

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  1. (widening feels like the top of your head is missing( True...There is no top of the head ...Head itself Opened to deep space....Now experience from the silence of the deep space...This silence have the potential to lift our consciousness into a state where no experience of body awareness and this huge silence itself is the medium to separating our consciousness from body...