11 May 2017

Assistance Comes as Dark hu-beings Require ~ Gaia Portal ~ 11 May 2017

Very interesting update. "Flessives" could imply a sort of submission, or bowing down (ref. here). So that 4th line could have something to do with those who are turning from the dark to the Light? This update feels like it's addressing those who have been caught up unwillingly or unknowingly in the dark's net. My opinion only, of course.

** Update: Here's something I received via email:
"Flessive" means to botanically turn inward as with plants 
 (and thereby implying the inward spiritual path). Thank you, dear M 💖

Source: Gaia Portal

Assistance comes as dark hu-beings require.
Fornications are cleared, as White Knights rejoice.
Marshalled are the troops of the Higher Dimensions.
Flessives advance to the greener pastures.
Restitutions are granted in full.


  1. NO. "Flessives" (meaning "inflected") is this:


    "Changed in form to reflect function."

    So flessives are those Beings who have been the most flexible in this Ascension -- always transforming and transmuting and changing to match the Higher Frequencies. The ones closest to transforming into their "Light Bodies".

  2. I found flessives referenced in a french dictionary as being a type of silica, and silica is very important for some starseeds like myself to clear toxins and keep our vibration high.

    1. Thank you, that's quite an unexpected but interesting angle :)