23 May 2017

First Activation Report ~ Pleiadian Alliance ~ 22 May 2017

For those who participated in this, here's an update.

Source: Pleiadian Alliance

My Dears, our First Activation was indeed an extraordinary experience, we are really enthusiast and deeply grateful for this.

Was a blessed time, a time of communion and union, a time of love infusion, a time of forgiveness, karma releasing and activation of a new Life Path, one of unity and cooperation!

Is indeed started the time of the New Earth Task Force, also if you aren't still fully aware of your position or mission, you are now an active member of this new Task Force.

You will be ALWAYS able to choose if honor or not this new role, but is indeed an extraordinary blessing, you are called in action so you are starting to receive all the blessings and tools you need to can accomplish your mission.
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