06 May 2017

Frequencies of the Heart with Brenda Williams ~ Reginald Meredith Gaia TV ~ August 2013

I was scanning through the comments on Cobra's site (correctly or not, I use the section as a barometer of the Consciousness of the more-awakened) and followed the link provided by Sam Levy. It led me to a Gaia TV interview of Brenda Williams by Regina Meredith, the former of whom is new to me.

It took some time for me to get through the interview (I have too much on my plate right now) as well as research some things for better understanding. I feel that what Brenda has to say is very relevant, and she gives us a chilling reminder of what tragedy can befall targetted individuals, which included her. (How anyone can deny that this sort of attack is happening is beyond my comprehension.)

Generally speaking, much of what Brenda shares is not new, but she presents a technology that she calls the Triad Wave, based on the Schumann Resonance, that totally had me piqued in the details. Her story is inspiring, and I would recommend this if you have the time to go through it ~ I'm gifting this so it will be available for free viewing for a couple of days.

Obviously, one of the first things that crossed my mind is whether the technology is still valid now that the Schumann Resonance has increased (this video came out in 2013). I tried to get in touch with a couple of fb accounts (the official websites are no longer online) but there's been no response at this time of writing. Perhaps the technology is sufficiently organic (since it's synched to the Planet's frequencies).

I have some very disorganised notes below, but you can proceed to the video via the following link:   Please click here

Some notes:
  • In my quest to track down more information about Brenda Williams (both websites are not available anymore), I could only find this YT channel, where Brenda narrates the Introduction and Chapter One of her story "Through the Looking Glass ~ Becoming Wholly Human".  I have emailed her, and will update this once I hear from her
  • There's another interview, this time on Blog Talk Radio; I haven't yet been able to listen to it
  • I found The Triad Wave, on fb
  • Steve Kudler's website is Twin Flames Production
  • Slim Spurling's website is here
  • Brenda believes in a Divine Plan to return Human Consciousness back to its original blueprint design, which would enable us to have a wholly human experience on the Planet
  • We currently have no capacity to self-adjust (this is what I remember Cobra saying, in some version, some time ago) due to the interference we've been subjected to; we've been entrained to experience discomfort
  • This interference disconnects us from Divine Intelligence
  • Talks about how frequencies are used to control the massess
  • The Triad Wave returns us to operating from our Heart Mind
  • Brenda advises us to be in the morning and evening Sun, its energies will decalcify the Pineal, which is our direct connection with God (Judy Satori calls it our antennae, an upgrade to the human template to facilitate us through this Ascension process) 
  • The Golden Mean and Fibonacci Series are connected with the Triad Wave
  • "Quiet Touch" ~ placing our left hand over our Heart creates a magnetic loop feedback (I've been doing this when meditation for quite some time now, I find that it helps greatly)
  • Thyroid gland is supposed to cleanse the blood that passes it every 17 minutes, but its function has been compromised
  • Energy pulses that can target specific individual in crowd of 2000 ~ result is heart attack or aneurysm, or something "organic" (this should by now be common knowledge ~ Brenda mentioned this in 2013)
  • "They" are the few, we are the many. "They" control the money because we allow it; we need to stop feeding the monster
  • Triad Wave triggers each individual's coding for awakening, but it requires our choices and active participation
  • This technology can be encoded into music.