18 May 2017

Gateway: Magnetic Shifts and Celebrating Service ~ Sandra Walter ~ 17 May 2017

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
We have entered the Gateway zone yet again. Gatekeepers opened for this passage yesterday, and this energy feels unique. This will be a brief update; sitting at the keyboard is difficult, and I must stay focused since this Gateway is on the highlighted list for the year’s unfoldments.

Cosmic Trigger: Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Stability Required

May 19-21 is our trigger point, with its initial acceleration lasting through the New Moon on Thursday May 25. This Gateway amplifies the magnetic shifts that were caused by the Primary timeline Ascension of Gaia on the 12-12-12. This light is reverberating through the dimensions and densities, and causes crystalline core expansion in Gaia, which in turn causes expansion in our consciousness.

This is why the lower timelines have been dropping, and why the 5D purer frequencies kicked in since the Equinox. The Universal rewrite, commanded from Source itself, is shifting the magnetics of the lower dimensional torus fields and grid systems. You may sense a connection between service of the past (2012) and service in the Now, as the higher trajectory of Ascension vibrates like ripples through the lower realities.

Each of the Gateway adjustments this year has been a palpable experience for the Ascending collective. This Gateway may present a heightened experience of Primary Timeline for many. Feel into the larger perspective; the acceleration of goodness is a complimentary point of focus.

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