29 May 2017

GodHead Gifts: Before Creation, Clearing Your Cache (Akashic Records) for Accessing The Halls of Amenti and Infinite Access to All ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 28 May 2017

Source: Awakening to Remembering

Aloha LOVE family,

Are you seeing how easy and supportive these higher timelines are? Are you seeing how much depends on your energy/programming here? Are you focusing your energy on what's truly important and choosing the multitude of timelines always available now? Are you honoring your body and expanding your mind to see the possibilities available and alllll of the exquisite opportunities too? 

These higher timelines are of simplicity, ease and maintaining fluidity and flow. Identify the obstacles, bottlenecks, that which complicates and move through each reality by dissolving and "dealing with" anything not fully in-alignment with your NEW HIGHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS..... as LOVE and from a place of UNITY.

Identify what represents your own separation or that which you no longer desire. Your own Mastery means that you are holding the highest of all in place and allowing your realities to re-align. Any cellular cleansing occur so that your body can move/shift into a higher vibrational timeline for you to experience "faster" now.

The physical is the LAST .... which means that all BEGINS from the point of INCEPTION, the point of CONCEPTION.... the point of CREATION and radiates out from there. Creation is the moment you act/don't act according to what is in highest alignment for all. 

BEing IN-TUNE Energetically, give you the capability to hear/see/feel/know everything before it occurs. Quantum NEW Earth Existence means that you create and hold the structures of REALities in place yourself, all built on the foundational ENERGIES of NEW EARTH. Your foundations are solid because you don't waver, you don't go to sleep, you don't compromise, you don't shrink down/contract anymore.... 

Vibrational existence means that you are transmitting 24/7 and you are present enough and connected enough with yourself to observe you and all around you simultaneously, and the energy that CREATES all. Your awareness allows you to SEE realities before they materialize into form.... Your own Mastery and Alchemy gives you the ability to CREATE INTO FORM... and observe materialization in the most magical and exquisite ways..... 

These Christed/Crystalline Grid & StarGate System alignments that completed this month are beyond POWERFUL for all. Continual and instant synchronization means minimal/no delay and the ability to travel like never before. These enhanced systems throw the old rule books out the window, they alter the physical more substantially and powerfully than any of us have experienced thus far. These enhance simplicity, enhance abundance, enhance purity and they also enhance anything not-in-alignment to become visible faster/stronger/more powerfully than before as well. It's uber-mega-important for everyone to be super-conscious in absolutely every way.... 

Our relationships with all continuing to evolve too. We are the ones responsible for sharing and re-educating everyone ready to learn/understand/do their part so that more of us can come together and accomplish/inJOY the magic that is available to all.  

Human separation will be at an all-time high, activating cellular cleansings of distortions held deep within. The human doesn't understand that when they open their heart, that anything suppressed is activated to clear/cleanse so that purity, love and joy can come forth to take their place. Unconscious programs of fear, greed, manipulation, control, agendas and every kind of lack of integrity/honor/love will start to play out in each's reality where this is still held within. The continuation of Root Chakra programming continue until all return to purity again. The Earth/Gaia constantly shifting for re-structuring to occur as well. 

To live/exist in a 5D physical reality (and above), each must transcend these lower vibrational dense programs and no longer "need to play" in them anymore. When you can identify the vibrational frequency of realities, then you are able to choose, dissolve and shift the entire reality with very little effort at all. This takes your MASTERY and you as an Alchemist utilizing every gift available. It's just one the huge benefits of these highest timelines available to all living in-service as love now. ♥

Today's Update/Link is below, as well as information on upcoming interviews and the re-scheduling of "Understanding Quantum Energetics and Alchemy Course" (we had an internet outage with the CME balancing of magnetics and new encodements/upgrades that came through).  

Have a most amazing week! I'll see you all soon! ♥

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