03 May 2017

Goodbye 3D: Dropping All Masks ~ Vera Ingeborg ~ 30 April 2017

Vera Ingeborg writes about the Divine Masculine and moving on from 3D, both of which I also wrote about recently....I love the Synchronicity!

Source: Wake Up Experience

We are in an intense gateway as we have passed the point of no return: We are no longer able to move back into 3D frequency once our energy has risen to 5D. The past week has been not only earth-, but also mind-shattering. The Divine Feminine has been driven into dropping all masks and expressing her vulnerability and authenticity without any shame. The Divine Masculine on the other hand was pushed into the beginning of his heart opening process caused by this female move.

This week has been very confusing and challenging for everyone on the awakening path. It was all perfectly prepared through the solar flares and geo storms the week before. These triggered the core wounds of the Divine Feminine (energy not gender) to the surface. It all had to do with not feeling safe as a woman and not daring to express what she feels, wants and needs from an open heart and from self love and respect. And now she did. It was no longer possible to wear the mask and use the outdated collective programs of using emotions for manipulation by being needy or by playing it cool and hiding them. This week was the end of the era of people pleasing for those that are in the ascension wave of the first movers, and partially also the early adopters. The Divine masculine (energy, not gender) on the other hand was triggered by this move of the feminine, being shown their own core wound around showing feelings.

3D Resonance is gone

This resulted in huge communication and connection issues. Once the core fear was released and the energetic and cellular script rewritten, there was no possibility any longer to still resonate with any 3D topics or frequencies. Like a radio station you cannot tune into any longer because you are too far away from the broadcasting tower. We used to be able to tune our frequency down to still fake a 3D behaviour and have a 3D small talk. This ability is gone now, and the only place that feels good and light is the own 5D bubble.
“It is not possible to follow a 3D conversation with 3D content anymore as our system is not in tune with this low frequency any longer.”

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