28 May 2017

Hathor World Meditation ~ Tom Kenyon ~ 27 / 28 May 2017

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** Update: I'm reposting this as a reminder **

I've been reminded about this. Please participate if you can ~ there's a 24-hour window so it's very doable.

Tom Kenyon wrote about this in his previous update in March (seems like just a couple of weeks ago!). The time for the World Meditation is coming up in just a few days.

Here's a quick look at the time:
 The World Meditation will begin on 
Saturday, May 27th at 5:30pm East Coast Daylight Savings Time (DST),
which corresponds to Saturday, May 27th at 9:30pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
The creation of the meditation’s nexus point will end
at 6 pm East Coast DST or 10pm GMT.

If you haven't yet read Tom's article, please visit his website here.

His "Restoration" sound meditation is indeed helpful, and I'm actually listening to it right now!

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