08 May 2017

Judy Satori Transmissions: Power of 22, the Council of El Sa Om ~ Two Separate Sessions with Darius Barazandeh and John Burgos ~ 1-7 May 2017

Here are links to replays of two transmissions from Judy Satori:

You Wealth with Darius Barazandeh (description on the website below)

This Session was so PROFOUND, here's a road map:

  • At 20 minutes: Judy did an Opening Activation to connect us all together to our highest truth
  • At 26 minutes: Judy did an activation to clear Vows of Poverty
  • At 32 minutes: she shares a 'Finding Your Life Purpose' Activation — PROFOUND!
  • Around 51–53 minutes: Judy links us to knowledge of the Galaxy we call HOME. It was the Jaishree ACTIVATION you'll hear in a language from another GALAXY …amazing — I've never heard anything close!
  • At 65 minutes: Judy shares powerfully 'coded' words for manifesting, and you'll get this from the 22 Galactic Council
  • At 71 minutes: Judy shares a 10-minute GROUP Energy Process — simply amazing!
  • At 120 minutes: Judy shares the Council of El Sa Om's message for YOU! Its profound!

Beyond the Ordinary with John Burgos

Judy Satori's website is here.

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