23 May 2017

Lack of Money is a Virus ~ Janosh ~ 21 May 2017

Source: Janosh

The title of this blog says everything: lack of money is a virus. Just like influenza you can just catch it and suddenly you find that everything in your life is all about money. I have been infected myself repeatedly. Then all of a sudden I felt down about the fact that my budget was too small for all the dreams that I had. The crazy thing is that this immediately applies to everything. All of sudden a sort of filter is placed over your reality, so that you cannot see the possibilities any more, but constantly think in shortfall. You are stuck behind bars and money seems the only possibility for the problems that you experience.

What you think and feel is what you transmit. And what you send out comes back to you. That is the way that the universal law of attraction works. If you realize that in our subconscious, no difference is made from thinking and the reality, it is not strange that people who think about lack of money, often actually have money problems. Lack of money is a logical result of the process of creation, which begins with sending out energy and thoughts. Say to yourself, for at least a month, ‘I live in abundance’ and you will be surprised what will actually change. But the majority of people don’t do that. They think in shortage, talk about lack of money, do things in failure and what do you think the outcome is? Exactly!

Recognizing the signals

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