23 May 2017

Light Consciousness ~ Healing Energy Tools ~ 21 May 2017

Source: Healing Energy Tools

Nature emits a light, and by its radiance she can be known.
But in man there is still another light
apart from that which is innate in nature.
It is the light through which man experiences,
learns, and fathoms the supernatural.
Those who seek in the light of nature
speak from the knowledge of nature;
but those who seek in the light of man
speak from the knowledge of super-nature.

A crystal, when heated, starts to radiate light. As you rise up through crystal consciousness you will end up traveling through the white light. This is the level of light consciousness. Sunlight makes life possible on this planet. You also receive light of the stars. Have you ever wondered how long this light took to reach you? Some light in the universe has been traveling for billions of years before reaching you. During all that time it gathered information about the universe. Star light contains information about the nature of things: chemistry, physical properties and subtle energies. There are other kinds of light coming from other dimensions. To reach these other lights you can call upon them, or you can bring yourself into a state of consciousness which is the same as it is where they exist.

The experience of light phenomena, other than physical, is quite common. Unfortunately, our present civilized world does not pay attention it. People who have had such experiences are often disbelieved, shunned or ridiculed. It is time to restore the sacred, because it is as necessary to the survival of man as is food to the physical body. Life on this planet came into being by the light of the sun. Take the sun away, and Earth is a dead planet in no time. Man equally needs the light from the subtle realms. Many experiences of light phenomena present themselves to his mind. This is well known and well documented in regard to kundalini experiences. According to the Indian tradition kundalini is a type of energy that is held at rest in a dormant, potential state in the human body. When this energy is awakened, it rushes up along the central axis of the spine to the crown of the head, where it gives rise to a mystical state of consciousness.

Awakening kundalini causes a psychospiritual transformation during which many psychic and psychological phenomena happen. Light, in its many forms, is an important aspect of the kundalini awakening, and has also been reported by mystics of all religious traditions. In alchemical texts, light is often mentioned as an important experience of the spiritual alchemist. The alchemists often distinguish between the “natural light” which is a created light omnipresent in the created world, and the “supernatural light” which is uncreated and spiritual, and is present in the spiritual or divine realms. They warned not to go into the different kinds of colored lights but to continue the “distillation” or “purification” until one experiences the brilliant white light, the uncreated Light. The same advice is given by yogis.

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