12 May 2017

May Gateways: Embodiment of the Highest Light ~ Sandra Walter ~ 11 May 2017

 ** Deep within the dream of Source,
a Universe twitches with Revelation. Sandra Walter **

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Our initial May Gateway passage brings the strongest unification of Gaia grid systems, Ascending HUman Heart Grid, Crystalline Grids, Solar Gateways and Cosmic Stargates yet. The cosmic combination lock clicked into place this week and opened interdimensional doorways of purer, higher light. Again. The expansion is palpable to most, as well as the Gateways to the Primary Christed timelines.

Gateways traverse time-space dynamics. They provide opportunities for jumping timelines, or aligning with the highest possible outcome for your journey. Alignment with the highest organic timeline is a vital step to the unfoldments of 2017.

The primary focus for this year is Embodiment of the Higher Self, or Solar Cosmic Christed Self (whichever term or level you choose), in order to become pure conduits of these unique and powerful frequencies. With Higher Self embodiment, you become a pathway for Divinity to unlock encodements in the grids, including the HUman Heart Grid.
Embodiment of the Solar Self can unlock intergalactic and interdimensional stargates to assist the Ascension.

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