23 May 2017

Moon Matrix Reprogrammed By The Restored Frog/Naga Energy Bringing Joy To The World ~ Lisa Rising Berry ~ 22 May 2017

As Lisa cautions, just take what resonates and leave the rest.

Source: Rising Frequencies

I know it has been a long time since my last article, and I have to warn the readers right away, that this is extremely long.  You may have to read it in sections at a time, sorry about that.  I am finally about to share a lot of information that I have received over the years that I did not feel comfortable sharing until now.  The reason being, is that I did not understand it enough to write about it.  Now, I am experiencing some more clarity surrounding astral experiences that happened to me as far back as my childhood.  It’s like seeing my life through new eyes.  It is for this reason that,  I have been working so long on trying to put the pieces together for this article.

This article has been the absolute hardest for me to write.  And that’s because, so much of what I am tuning into can’t be found in ancient written text.  Up until now, I would see visions, hear information, have dreams, and then I would let them cook in my inner being.  Then a in a month or so written information in ancient texts would just come to me.  I could then include them in my writing to explain where we are in the shift of the ages and kind of back myself up.  For the most part I really don’t have all of that for this article.  I am having to do what many ancient prophets had to do in the past…which is to just put yourself out there, and this is something I am not good at.  It is for this reason I am asking you to take what resonates and just leave the rest.  Some of what I have to say may sound absolutely crazy. I know because I am living it.

I am writing this article with a good friend and client of mine who has shared an experience with me.  Her name is Melissa Read.  Together we have been working on this for many months.  It all started when she had a reading with a very talented “reader” to whom I feel connected.  Her name is Lisa Gawlas.  Lisa saw a frog around her and helped to set this frog free.  (This is the short version, she will explain in greater detail in her section of this article)  

During this exact same time I had a lucid astral experience where I was sitting in a temple and a flying frog came zipping around the corner to me.  He was moving very fast and he stopped right in front of my face.  He was floating in the air with his legs limp underneath of him.  I gave him water right away.  I poured water onto his head, and when I did this his head became a circle.  He was completely dry.  For all of you who have been following my work for the past few years, I write about the Azoth energy, fire and water, a critical component to this shift – and my frog was completely dry.  

The frog was unable to perform its role with the connection of the Mu Cord…(see previous writings for explanations on this).  I knew right away that my frog had been held somewhere for a very long time and had been deprived of water on purpose.  

It wasn’t until Melissa wrote to me to tell me that her reading was included in Lisa’s daily blog that I put the pieces together.  I had read that particular blog post and thought it was odd that it had a frog in it and that my frog returned to me completely dry and limp.  
I didn’t put the two together until Melissa said it was she who had the frog.  It was tangled up in her energy.  When I connected in, I could tell that she was right.  My frog was released from what was holding it due to the changes in the Earth’s energy, and it was lost.  It ran to Melissa first and slammed into her energy.  

I feel it knew Melissa was having a reading with Lisa, and he could get help and find his way back to me so I could fill him up with the water energy he desperately needed to complete his job.  And that is just what happened.  Frog energy is so important and we will go deep into all of that, but first I want to give some background information on why my frog, who I have named Jeremiah, was held captive and who did it.  I will also explain his name later in the article.

This is the section of my article that is partly connected to history written in ancient mythology and the rest is all from my “knowings”.  Since Jeremiah is my frog, he “told” me what happened to him and the rest of the entities connected to him.  I have to say that I didn’t want to write this article because of this, but spirit kicked me in the butt and told me to pull up my big girl panties and just do it.  Once I explain what happened to him and the others, Melissa and I will discuss frog energy and how it is connected to
everything, including horses.  So, sit back, get a cup of tea and enjoy this long article.  I am not going to attempt to make this writing short, and I will leave no stone unturned.

Please read on.....

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