30 May 2017

Navigating Dimemsions: Obligation vs Inspiration ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 27 May 2017

** Pay attention to the energy of everything **

Source: Awakening to Remembering

Do you “do” that because you think that you must? Or do you “do” that because you are inspired from inside? Inspiration does not have energetic cords attached.

When you are inspired, all comes from within your BEing-ness and flows out. When it is done for a human reason, there are “emotions” attached to the doing. These are usually expectation or a need of some kind. Inspiration has no attachment. It has an energetic flow OUT from the heart and just floats to touch all that it can touch in light and love.

Where one does out of obligation, the energy feels like it is BEing “pulled” from within you. This is depleting. This is a “giving away” of your own energy and we do not compromise our energy anymore. We also are enabling the other person by re-enforcing their own lack. We come to realize we are not helping the other and in turn the same goes for us. This is OUR own discordant energy to be tuned; our lack feeding theirs. Every different perspective gives us a whole new choice. Now, where there has been obligation, we break this frequency loop by either do it without the attachment of emotion and “be done”, so that “next time” we can make a conscious choice, or we step into the fear that exists beneath the doing and we negate the “need” for another experience to shift this inside and “out there”.

Excerpt from: “Navigating Dimensions: Awakening & Ascension Guide Book” by Lisa Transcendence Brown

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