24 May 2017

New Spin / Solar Eclipse ~ Stephanie South ~ 24 May 2017

Brilliant! I was waiting for Stephanie South to write about this....

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift

Woven by the Dragon into the earth the human dreamspell journey had begun.
I am the Dragon, the primal force, I am the light of memory, I am the memory of light.

We are now at Cosmic Reset: Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon (24 May, 2017). How much can we transform ourselves in this next 260-day cycle?In 89 days will occur a total solar eclipse.  People from all over the world are converging to the United States on August 21, 2017: White Crystal Dog, Kin 90 for what is being hailed as the Great American Eclipse.
Total solar eclipses happen when the Sun, Moon and Earth align in a perfect geometry.
On this day the Moon will cover the Sun and plunge much of the United States into darkness.  It will be visible from Oregon to South Carolina on a path 70 miles wide for a 94-minute duration.

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