07 May 2017

PFC Japan and PFC Taiwan Live Public Healing Session ~ 7 May 2017 & Various Dates

The PFC Japan healing session is just two hours before the Weekly Ascension Meditation.

The entire post is copied below, posted by Shigeru Mabuchi at the Cobra Etheric Liberation page.

Japanese and Taiwanese Healing Session for Everyone:

Hello! PFC Japan is hosting a weekly public healing session on YouTube, every Sunday.

And PFC Taiwan (International Golden Age Team) together with the Japanese healer team is also hosting a monthly public healing session on two cosecutive days as well.

What you need is to simply state you intent to receive the healing, then watch the YouTube live and share the same image with the healers.

All healing sessions are about 30 minutes.

* PFC-JAPAN Remote Healing Session
May 7 (Sun) with Japanese/English guided-audio
GMT 14:00 / EDT 10:00 / PDT 7:00 / JST 23:00
URL: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtpUI1opCt0xu6Ij3dBvB0g/live
Actual healing time is 10 minutes + 10 minutes as some healers would switch rays when the music change.

* International Golden Age (Taiwan) with PFC-JAPAN Healing Session
May 9 (Tue) and May 10 (Wed)
GMT 13:45 / EDT 9:45 / PDT 6:45 / CTT 22:45
URL: https://www.youtube.com/chann…/UCzD7ocOiSH9oCPNtyZWXkuw/live

The starting time might vary a bit and there will be no music during the healing session but you will hear 5 sounds of singing bowl when the session starts and ends.

Everyone is welcome to join us! Just watch and get some healing! You may love it!

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