31 May 2017

Pleiades 1 and Universal Dissolution Clearing Updates ~ 30 May 2017

I'm well aware of the little tempest that's churning right now over these updates. So please, go with what you feel is right for you and only read what you are guided towards. The information here could be authentic, or it could be totally false. Right now, I have no way of proving anything.

What's crucial to remember is that we should minimise distraction from all the swirling chaos externally, and focus more on our inner work, growing our Spiritual "account" (as EM/Blue Solara nicely describes it), strengthening our connection with our Divinity, and ultimately tapping into our own Higher Guidance in Truth while doing what we can to help in the Collective Ascension process. My humble opinion :)

The Universal Dissolution is now at 56%, from 54% on 16 May ~ the rate has been considerably slower this month. There's no denying it's been a very tough month all around. Full statistics are shown here.

Source: Disclosure News Italia

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Quantum visibility increased successfully!

Removal of Atlantis locks in progress.

Allies* X – North Terranos spaced successfully. Forward.

Emarcaucos* Points in reactivation. Attention Terranos for maturation!

Extensions of North* Base / SolSuper-2 Program in complete evacuation – Alpheus* and allies in intensive. 22% (non-regressive).

Cryptogamos* contacting Terran subsidiaries. 6% (non-regressive). Reverberation: fast thinking and reasoning.

0i (Zero* i) in the joint field. Crystal Planting: SUCCESS! Magnetic Zero i (0i) disintegrating old field … FIELD MIRRORED!: Final reflection drive: 80% (non-regressive).


End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Receiving Minerva)

* Item in Glossary

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