26 May 2017

Pleiadian Veil Dissolution Energy ~ Pleiadian Alliance ~ 24 May 2017

Source: Pleiadian Alliance

My Dears, it finally comes the time to realign with your Soul Mission, it finally comes the time to give a breakthrough to the dissolution of the veil.

To achieve this goal, entering in our "Activation Program" you will receive the gift of the "Pleiadian Veil Dissolution Energy", an Energy able to effectively speed up the veil dissolution. ;)

All the LightWorkers/LightWarriors just into the "Activation Program" have received this gift.

At every new Weekly Activation time, your ability to channel this new Energy will be improved and Automatically Called in Action (together with all others worldwide LightWorker/LightWarrior) to dissolve the veil at the Global Level! ;)

You can also use this Energy from yourself, or in a local group, to speed up the veil dissolution in your local area, simply relaxing your mind and body, and thinking the phrase: "Activation of the Pleiadian Veil Dissolution Energy, NOW. Thank you!". The Energy will start to flow continuing until you will remain focused on it.

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