24 May 2017

Portal Meditation: 25 May 2017 at 3pm GMT ~ Untwine

Here's another meditation in which we can participate. These few days definitely feel crucial. I will add a personal thought at the bottom of this post.

Source: Recreating Balance

Cobra : "A very strong timeline runs through the date of May 25th. On May 25th, 1975 the whole 50 year process of the planetary liberation has started. On May 25th, 2010 a special portal called Mission Blue Shield was activated and it marked the beginning of the downfall of the Archons. And on May 25th, 2013, "[we opened an important Portal]
From :

So I would like to please invite everybody to connect, first with pillars of Light coming down from the motherships of the Galactic Confederation stationed all around the Earth, through your body down to the center of the Earth.

Please read on....

Something that I need to add....."Mission Blue Shield" ~ this makes me think of "Blue Lament for Humanity" from Mission Ignition. Their transmissions started in 2010 (same year as the portal activation mentioned in this update from Untwine), and "7 blinks" equals 7 years, which would be 2017.  

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