27 May 2017

Sasquatch and Human Origins, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth ~ Somethgblue ~ 24 May 2017

This is a nice summary of the Sasquatch messages shared by DawaOutah LomaKatsi plus quite a bit more from other sources. I have a feeling that the reading or re-reading of this article will bring up some core memories for some.

Couple of things I need to voice out first. This article includes an opinion of Corey Goode ~ what I did was to just read past that and remain neutral.

Next, the author also brings up valid arguments surrounding the Honeycomb/Hollow Earth debate. I do agree with him that both hold true. The way Planets are formed would dictate a generally hollow inside, while the underside of the Earth's crust is largely honeycombed. "Hollow" in the sense that it's not the solid/molten model that "Science" would have us believe, and "honeycomb" due to the web of tunnels and caverns and whatever else have been "honeycombed".

Finally, this text positions Lemuria around the area known as Austranesia (see image at the bottom of post). I resonate with this information, as opposed to some sources who have said that some parts of this area are Atlantean, unless they generally consider these two civilisations under the better-known name of Atlantis.

Lastly (!) I view much of these Galactic and Human History data as specific perspectives or angles. Everything isn't necessarily correct or true, which is why I like the read all the different views and allow the pieces to fall where they may.

Source: Hub Pages

Soul Evolution Of Mother Earth

The true history of our planet reveals that evolving races of humanoids used far more than just the five senses modern science drescribes as our natural perception. In fact the early races on Earth used mental telepathy, astral projection, remote viewing and inter-dimensional travel to communicate with each other and various Star Elders and off world races. This article, Sasquatch and Human Origins, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth, will show just how far humanity has devolved since being introduced to this planet millions of years ago.

Picking up where I left of in the previous article Sasquatch, Humanities Big Brother Race, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth, I will continue the history of our planet through the perspective of the Elder Sasquatch Kamooh, while introducing more information on how our Big Brother Race has helped mankind flourish despite the many wars for control of our planet and cataclysms that threatened early humanity.

Through a variety of resources material but mainly based on the book Sasquatch Message To Humanity, I will lead the reader on an exploration of the early history of our planet that will show how ancient humanity lived in harmony with their Mother Earth in a true Golden Age of sophisticated technology, advanced science and true spiritual enlightenment before the Lucifer Rebellion, the Draco/Reptilian (Archons or Lower Lords) Empire and factions of the Anunnaki stripped humanity of their birthright and condemned us to generations of spiritual and physical enslavement.

However on this journey we will learn how the incarnated souls of the Fish People, the Insect People, the Lizard People, the Bird People, The Sasquatch People and the Human People have all contributed to the Soul Evolution of our Mother Earth as we have transcended time and space on our spiritual path back to the Supreme Consciousness. We will learn how the Samsara or Wheel of Karma, maintains the balance and harmony between the physical and spiritual planes of existence as our souls strive to develop spiritual intelligence and understanding within our evolving consciousness.

Unlocking the mysteries of our past will help us to see our future and recognize the sometime painful changes we are experiencing in our present. I welcome you to join me on this journey of discovery and ask only that you open your mind, feel the truth with your heart and let your spirit soar as we explore the reality that has been denied to us for so long.

This article will continue the information described in my previous article Sasquatch, Humanities Big Brother Race, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth. So if you haven't read it, now would be a good time, so that you may follow the thread of the evolution of our planet. The next phase of the evolution of Gaia, was the creation of the Bird People, based on the genetic mutations of the Lizard People that had survived on the surface, despite the cataclysms, caused by the destruction of our Moon during the Hybrid Wars.

Please read on....

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