11 May 2017

Schumann Resonance: A Little Debate


I saw this article some time ago, then received the link a couple of times, and then in a comment left by a reader:

I will offer my non-expert opinions for anyone interested. (But first, I will highlight that in the above article, there is a conditional statement that if the properties of the electromagnetic cavity of Earth remain the same, the SR will remain the same. That itself suggests that if this cavity changes, then the SR will also change. But isn't the magnetic field itself weakening?)

I agree, and have even clarified a few days ago, that the Schumann Resonance is NOT constantly off the charts as some sources have implied. Rather, it's spiking at frequent intervals, and sometimes extremely intensely at that.

The above article quotes several scientific data, and while that looks good on paper, it is my belief that the scope of Science itself is intentionally limited (and let me mention here that I have a scientific academic background) and anyone who reads this blog regularly will understand what I mean, enough said.

This Planet is undergoing massive and unprecedented changes. Weather patterns are changing, continents shift, new islands emerge, some species go extinct while new ones surface, and the magnetic North is shifting. That idiom about "True North" (something immovable, a baseline)? Well, turns out that that's shifting too! (Scientific article here) And what about gravity? I'm certain that itself will change.

Same with the rest of the Solar System ~ I remember reading and watching some presentations from David Wilcock that outlined the changes other Planets are going through.

And our Sun? This is debatable, but I do remember a yellow Sun years ago; it's looking quite white now.

The point I'm making here is that we are all undergoing some sort of transformation, as we should do. After all, isn't that the very purpose of the Cosmic energies streaming into our Space? Our DNA is supposed to change, Human Conciousness is supposed to change. Mother Gaia was 7D, then 5D, then 3D.....and now she's ascending back into the higher realms once more. Surely the very fabric of existence itself will change?

It's said that Humans need to pulse with the heartbeat of Mother (SR) to attain a healthy and balanced state of being. What if higher consciousness or enlightenment means that we constantly operate from the range of Gamma Wave (between 30-100Hz)? The reverse connection would be that Mother herself would attain such high frequencies when that time comes, and Humanity would have to follow suit.

Who knows what the original SR was when Mother Gaia was in a higher frequency? We are ascending in density, we cannot expect everything to remain status quo ~ that itself is simple Spiritual Physics.

These are all my non-expert opinions, and naturally I stand corrected if they are all inaccurate. But here's a reminder of something I posted last month that will bear much greater weight ~ Lisa Renee's Schumann Resonance article.

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