26 May 2017

Shungite ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 1 August 2016

Source: Cosmic Reality Shungite

“Shungite is the planet’s gift. It is planetary-celestial alchemy....After awhile this planet has created alchemy known as Shungite. And Shungite is the representation of every crystal that has ever been experienced by every being living on this world past, present and future, so it is every crystal put into one.

Just as we are having our awakening, the crystal and mineral community is also having their own awakening. Their process is just happening before our frequency of time is coming into existence. That is why there is a manifestation of Shungite in general. It is there for the people to use.

But even the mount of Shungite that isn’t used, it is still doing its mineral community purpose, which is ascending those beings who are becoming Shungite beings...and Shungite is a sample encoding of infinite energy into a finite object....”

- Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian, August 1, 2016

Stephanie Dietz asked Andrew Bartzis about Shungite. Andrew is known as the Galactic Historian, a transcendent teacher, Shaman and Reiki master with the rare ability of being able to access the Akashic Records. This is a cut from “Adventures in Reality Radio Show” from August 1, 2016. Andrew’s show can be seen on Monday 2-4 pm EST at http://freedomslips.com/ STUDIO A.

Andrew Bartzis website: http://andrewbartzis.com/

For more on Shungite: http://www.cosmicreality.net/

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