27 May 2017



"Something" happened over the past 36 hours or so....specifically, after the AN Portal Meditation. I don't have the words for it yet ~ the best I can do right now is to say that I've not felt this sort of energetic shift before. There's been lots of "different" shifts with different energy signatures over the past couple of years, and this is yet another new one.

Could be tied in to the new Mayan cycle as well.

Somehow, I feel very drawn to this crop circle (below) which I posted yesterday. I feel this has something to do with it, too. Makes me think of the Galactic Cross....
Crop Circle Connector

.....as well as the Hubble Cross, which is in the M51 Whirlpool Galaxy (somehow that in turn reminds me of Area 51):
Sky Image Lab

And I only remembered today that the "crown" part (with 7 semi-
spheres) reminded me of an earlier Crop Circle:
Crop Circle Connector
It suggests a reference to what's now known as the "Great American Solar Eclipse" in August, according to the "Articles" section of the site.

As I'm writing this now, I'm wanting to say that it's as though we're now coming out of the "void" we were in for much of this year. And I'm really hesitant to say this....it seems like it's became "safer". For those who remember, I cautioned some time ago (here) and here) that "it's not over yet" ~ well, it seems like we're coming out of that now, too.

Obviously, the usual "use inner guidance" and all that applies here, and everything else I post.

Namaste and Blessings!

PS. After writing this, I thought of what image to place at the top. I was thinking about the Whirlpool Galaxy, then realised that my fan (which I just bought today) had a whirlpool design, so that decided it. I know....truly irrelevant :)


  1. Hi, look at the second symbol in top row...