02 May 2017

The Divine Masculine

About two weeks ago, I started feeling this energetic development that I wasn't able to adequately identify or describe in some sensible manner. In the end, I just released it from my mental musing and accepted it as yet another (unknown) "component" in the ever-growing number of multi-frequencies/codes/activations of the Divine Blueprint energies that are being funneled our way.

Around the same time, I felt guided to look for very specific tones to use in my meditations. I already had quite a wide repertoire of tracks, but the push to find another one persisted. After an almost effortless search online, without even knowing what to look/listen for, I found the perfect track called "Choir Sings OM SO HUM Mantra (listen here).

That specific track became something I needed to listen to daily, either in meditation, attentively, or just playing in the background.

This sort of chant isn't something new to me. I've heard versions of such mantras before, and I won't be surprised if I've actually heard this specific one previously. But this is the first time I've felt compelled to actually listen to daily.

I knew that there was a reason to this, but since I hadn't a clue what the reason was, I again left it, trusting that I would understand when the time was right.

Well, that time occurred not long ago. I was listening to this track, and suddenly everything became very clear.

This was a representation of the Masculine energy.... the true Divine Masculine energy.

We've had the Divine Feminine energies streaming in to heal and balance, and now it's the turn of the Divine Masculine. While the Divine Feminine energy was viciously suppressed (and/or perverted), the Divine Masculine suffered in its own way, too. It was so distorted and twisted that the so-called "Masculine" energy that eventually took control was nothing at all like the Divine Masculine.

An analogy I would use is the tortured corruption of the spirit and psyche of Elves in "Lord of the Rings" until they eventually become the heinous Orcs. The "Masculine" energies running the show on the Planet resembles nothing of the true Divine Masculine, so this corrupted Masculine energy requires as much healing, balancing and transformation as the suppressed Feminine. The distortion and perversion of the Masculine is indeed tragic. There will be much sadness as many process this healing and cleansing in the coming time ahead.

As always, I share this from my own understanding and perspective only, so please go with your Higher Guidance as you read it.

Namaste and Blessings!

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