12 May 2017

The Joy of Diversity ~ Julie Dittmar ~ 3 May 2017

What I don't understand is, what motivated those who wrote in to make such a comparison?

Source: True Divine Nature

Over the years, I’ve occasionally had people email me to complain and judge me for not being at the same frequency and vibration as Matt.

That’s right, I’m not. And we’re both okay with that. That’s why we are a complement to each other. That’s why I am able to be a grounding agent for him and the group at our events. 

In our first few years of working together, 12-13 years ago, I would fall for that. I’d beat myself up in the angst of comparison with him. I’d torment myself over not being able to think like Matt, I didn’t respond to life as consciously as Matt, I didn’t have the perfect words like him, or the biggie for me – talk to guides like him! 

I had asked God, guides, and angels my whole life to connect with me directly and clearly like Matt connects with his guidance. I was in secret suffering for years that I had asked for those gifts so earnestly, so sincerely, and was so open and ready for 20 years before Matt even came into my life, and then it seemed that God gave them to someone else who didn’t ask for them, wasn’t wanting or looking for them, and didn’t even know what the gifts were!
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  1. I tried to comment from my cell but don't know if it went through. This is one of the first times in my life I feel compelled to comment: All of us are blessed with, shall we call them, powers, gifts, abilities. For some of us, these are visible, for others, they're not. The individual with the complaint may not yet understand this concept but their understanding will likely expand to understand it. My deepest admiration to Julie for her most illustrative response. I must admit that several years ago, I made the same private observation. I've now come to understand that she holds the space, clear and free from interference, that permits the delivery of Matt's divinely guided and eloquent discourses. Is she the only one who can play this role for Matt? Who knows? But they found each other and it works. Would Matt's delivery be different without her? Who knows? I personally wouldn't want anything to change in their dynamic. Is Julie aware of this role, it appears so, now - but this likely wasn't always true. How does she do it? Maybe she's aware of the mechanics, maybe not. But this is not my main point. What I would like to communicate is that most of us who are playing a role in these current highly "evolutional" times, may not even know that we are playing a role - an integral role. For some of us the role is more public, for others the role is within or for a specific group of people in our own realities. Bottom line: remove judgement. The individual's complaint or question is a valid one, coming from where they're at right now. Hopefully, Julie's answer provides some illumination and potential expansion to a silent group of observers with exactly the same question. And the questioner has created the opportunity for the delivery of her message...which is essentially the dynamic of "everything"...Blessings to all.

    1. Your comment came through just fine, Vanita :)

      I appreciate Julie's courage in being so honest about the situation, and I feel that such courage can only come from spiritual maturity. In the beginning, it must have been very hurtful and stressful for her to have this judgement brought to her awareness.