06 May 2017

The Restoration of the Divine Feminine ~ Eric Raines ~ 5 May 2017

Another update about the Divine Masculine! I'd like to think that we all got the same memo :)  There is much encouraging news in this message from Eric Raines.

I have several readers who are not on fb (and I myself only very reluctantly signed up not too long ago) so I'll post the entire article below.

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity

Energy Update (5/5/17)

The restoration of the Divine Feminine

Over the past week there have been outright attacks on parts of the surface population resulting in manic paranoia, anxiety, potential violence and hate to be the undercurrent of the collective subconscious.

In direct retaliation to the dissolution of the dark workers grid, there was a massive push in the alternative community for division and groups of truth seekers to split into camps, and to a large extent it was successful. I am not saying the people pushing this agenda are working for the dark, or the people the controversy is about are either. I am saying that the agenda is to keep us from working together, and to provide negative emotional energy, or Loosh.

Energetically, the Archonic grid was stoked into a raging inferno in order to push so much dark energy into the collective subconscious from the etheric side. This was done because the web of energy that the darkworkers had been using was still not operating (and as of this point and time is only up to less than 15% of its former strength), and instead of being able to direct the collective consciousness, energy from the other side was used to force the dark cloud over humanity.

This was a bandaid for a much larger problem on their side. Today around 11:30AM Pacific time, the overreach from the etheric side was countered. With help from lightworkers on the surface, recently departed souls who were hiding in the lower astral levels were able to make a connection outside of the veil directly into Source consciousness. Using their personal connections to their guides and soul family stuck inside of the incarnation machine, they pulled them into this connection as well. Each soul they pulled in was connected to more and more souls that they pulled in as well until the dark was able to recognize what was happening and closed off the flow.

Over 7 million souls were able to connect directly to Source and Gaia, creating a solid, crystalline connection that they began to strengthen, solidify and expand. As the connection grew, the vibrational state of the area became so completely bright and resonant that it allowed an 11th dimensional Galactic Guardian Consciousness to touch the planetary surface. The resonant blast that occurred ramped up the vibrational frequency of the planetary consciousness multiple octaves.

Gaia now has access to over 50% more frequency than she did before this operation. As soon as the frequency began to calm down and fade, an incredibly deep and powerful leyline (Dragon Lines) shot out of the center of the planet and began to spark back and forth like a fire hose on full blast with no one holding onto it.

The blockage was removed to where the line was supposed to go, and the thrashing stopped as soon as the connection was made. What this connected into was a massive round bowl with multiple layers of dimensional frequency stacking up into the atmosphere and down into the planet. Lining this bowl up coincided with Iceland in North America.

As soon as the round energetic center was filled up, a flow reached out all the way through the earth to Mt. Shasta, shooting directly down into the core of the planet.

This line shot up and out to another bowl-like energetic wheel centered in Tibet, and then flowed all the way to Mt. Fuji, and down straight through into the core of the planet.

What this resulted in, when looking at the planet as a whole, was a massive 3D, torroidal Yin/Yang symbol, or a balancing of the polarity within the planet.

The energy of the planet itself immediately became much more clear. Picture oil becoming water....still liquid, but much faster flowing and less likely to build up pressure in a negative sense.

What this polarity flow means is the literal end to the perverted patriarchal archetype dominance of the planet. The Divine Feminine is standing just as tall as the Sacred Masculine. The Sacred Masculine no longer has the implanted sword in one hand. The Divine Feminine no longer has the collar around the neck. Balance has returned.

Your Job:

Recognize that division, no matter how well meant, does not serve us as a whole. Recognize that when we are attacking each other, we are doing the work of the dark for them.

Even if you do not agree with the person standing next to you, they are still stuck in prison with you. Arguing with each other is acting like your own warden.

Smile, wish them well, and move on.

Energetically, tune into Gaia, visualizing her as a brilliant ball of light, with multiple hues and colors filtering through this connection. See her FULL, with energy flowing through all parts, surface, mid level and center.

Depending on your personal preference, begin to awaken your personal connection to the Divine Feminine or the Sacred Masculine. If connecting into the Divine Feminine, begin to stoke the fires of creative, compassionate, nurturing love. Lift the level of consciousness. See the planet as your body, and the people as your children. Of you but not of you. Recognize that all of us have been separated from knowledge and truth. Recognize that you are Mother to all. The very bodies your children inhabit are your flesh, and the unconditional love and radiance held deep within for all of your children can never fade, never pale. We are all reaching out again, make the connection!

If connecting into the Sacred Masculine, begin to stand up tall. Stand strong and proud of what we are beginning to create in this NOW. Recognize that there are beings and consciousnesses here now that are pure tenderness and love incarnate. Their job is not to defend themselves, their job is to radiate unconditional, sanctimonious purity. Recognize that it is your job as a guardian of the Divine Feminine to Protect. It is your job to ensure that the other half of the Source energy is able to do its job. The Divine Feminine is the Creational energy of the Youniverse. She is not to be abused. She is to be loved, cherished and respected. The abuse will end NOW.

Sit in your chosen energy, holding onto this vision of the planet, and begin to radiate this energy deep into the core of Gaia. Feel your choice of energy begin to fill up, and spill outwards, spiraling up and out through the core of Gaia, radiating all the way to the planetary surface.

Do this work in conjunction with the opposite polarity, hand in hand, representing your chosen energetic resonance to the fullest. Where you flow, feel them contain. Where you contain, feel them fill and flow. Be the riverbank to the river. Be the water to the cup. Fill Gaia.

The blocks are removed. The energy is flowing, it now needs conscious movement. We ARE taking our planet back.

Here at Unleashing Natural Humanity, we are already long beyond the bounds of what is "scientifically possible". There is hope. We are not stuck in a situation that we cannot fix.

No labyrinth is inescapable. The key is within. It always has been and it always will be.

From my heart to yours,

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