09 May 2017

24th May: End of "Dusting Off" Period ~ Tim Whild ~ 9 May 2017

Here's another message that touches on 24 May, which I notice is the current hot topic going around the Internet. Tim Whild mentions that the Schumann Resonance is now at 120 Hz ~ the only thing I could find that supports this claim is the image below, taken from this website (Praxis-Umeria), which is very frequently referred to by some sites.

Although I have been tracking the Schumann Resonance, I am by no means an expert. However, I would like to clarify that the high frequencies are, at the moment, periodic and not constant. As to the 120 Hz frequencies.....I'm not sure if the extrapolation is a graphic addition, so I prefer to use "off the charts".

** Update: I just checked Space Observing System, and yes,
the amplitude did reach 120Hz!!  Image below **

Source: Practical Ascension

About that heart chakra, eh?

Rumour has it that we have an incredibly important date on the horizon. In an era of incredibly important/powerful dates that may seem a little like old hat now but the significance must be looked at.

One of my points of focus has always been the great shift...the Cosmic Moment that occurred on the 21st December 2012. This was the end of the Atlantean Experiment that had spanned 260,000 years.

The 24th May 2017 is the end of the 'dusting off' period that we had following this. The 5.5 years of intensive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing that we have undertaken.

According to the Mayans it is the beginning of the Era of the Heart. This figures seeing as though the heart is the very core of our ascension process. To back this shift up there has been another jump in the Schumann Resonance, the 'song of the Earth'. She now sits at 110 Hz whereas it was 90 Hz a matter of days ago.

As Source would have it I'm doing a talk at Glastonbury PLG on the eve of the 24th...think it's going to quite interesting.

Happy Tuesday to you all...keep your light high, your frequency clear and your manifestation sharp.

Love Tim

Space Observing System


  1. Hello Grace, Please go through the article and understand that its not schumann increasing its earth's magnetic field weakening.

    Would also request you to spread the word through your blog , if you agree with article and science



    1. Namaste Hiraa, I've seen this before, and it doesn't really resonate with me but I'll address it later.