23 May 2017

Update from Tim Whild ~ 23 May 2017

Source: Tim Whild

At certain points in time it is essential to unite collectively to open hearts and dispel fear that has been deliberately created.

As the Veils are lifting the structures of Polarity seek to keep us sleeping and for our attention to be focused in the wrong direction. In order for change to occur millions need to understand the motivation of the cogs behind the wheels...the string pullers of the puppets that appear to run our 'show'.

Incredible lengths have been gone to in the past in order to implement further perimeters of control, and it is clear that those responsible have no idea how this planet really works. Attempting to stem the flow of light via chemtrails, social control, false flag events, mandatory this 'n' that and other nefarious means is akin to shouting at the sea and telling it to stop making waves.

The Cabal are and always were stunted in their ability to understand how energy flows through our Universe and now they are becoming increasingly desperate. When the game is over the karma will need to be balanced, and that moment is very close now.

Last nights events need a vast amount of light to be sent and I am sure that we are all doing this in whatever way we can.

Love, love and more love

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