14 May 2017

Weekly Ascension Meditation Reminder

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See you there :)


  1.  Final shift to 5D is now underway and the ultimate phase transition can happen any moment from now on http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2017/05/the-final-transmutation-and-merging-with-the-5d-and-higher-dimension-has-commenced-full-force/#more-22857

  2. Word "Deafening" from stankov Article....means Inner ear shutdown because of huge energy inflow... makes Complete inner silence...though the ear is open to outside ...but no sound because we shutdown the main switch of the ear which positioned inside our head and controlled by Using our own energy ... Through this we can intentionally shutdown the inner ear button and the experience of a bliss ....Even we can taste this bliss now....This stage and the next sense control stages are just beginning and the 5d is very close....(Body awareness and these stages are well connected....) No doubt light workers now at the final position..They finally capturing sense control buttons which is the key to body awareness...

    1. Thank you, this is most encouraging! Blessings