11 May 2017

Your Higher Self is Now Leading the Way ~ Sophie Gregoire ~ 7 May 2017

Sacred Journey ~ Gilbert Williams

A bit of background setting first, one that was a turning point in my Life almost three decades ago, and the other just recently.

In the first instance, this person came into my Life at the precise moment and gifted me his battered copy of Lazaris and Jach Pursel's "Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self". That little gem of great profundity was the very thing that I needed for my spiritual growth at that time ~ I was going through the devastating fallout from an opposing stand I had taken against the corporate leadership over a major project in which I was involved. As the title suggests, this book emphasises the utmost necessity of connecting with one's Higher Self in the Spiritual Journey. At that time, this concept was new to me, even though I had been pursuing my Spiritual growth for a long time.

Reading the guidance in the book created the pivotal point in my Life ~ this would explain why I frequently mention or suggest connecting with Higher Self or Divinity, as I now prefer to call it.

Then just a couple of days ago, I shared a personal experience with a few Amazing Souls. One sent me the link to this article, which just about sums up rather nicely the experience I had. Thank you, T 💖

(Omigoddess....talk about Synchronicity! I looked online for the cover of "Sacred Journey" to use for this post, and I suddenly realised it had the "feel" of an artist recently mentioned by another of the Amazing Souls with whom I shared my experience. A bit of googling confirmed that the cover art is indeed by Gilbert Williams, also called "Sacred Journey"!  Thank you for mentioning this artist, D 💖 )

Source: Love Has Won

Your life force is back and it's leading you somewhere that looks like all the puzzle's pieces come together. Listen. Be bold. See big.

Since August / September 2015 you've been walking a very long way. You've followed strange impulses that your mind couldn't understand.

I remember taking planes and buses out of complete, strange, surrendered and guided callings, and to places I had never heard of before.

You, and I, have also made important life decisions and significant moves in the complete unknown, and without any assurance of ever being caught.

You have almost followed the wind, signs and omens without phantoming why and grasping who was pulling the thread of You.

You faced moments of intense despair and fear, because you had the feeling that you were losing so much but were gaining nothing at the same time, and all that happened with no promise of a tangible light at the end of the tunnel of those changes.

In a way, you've been caught by the wind of the Spiritual Bootcamp.That was incredibly painful sometimes, but that was the pain of your Rational Mind - the pain of not understanding, the pain which comes from embracing such discomfort in a row, sometimes so fast or for the first time in a lifetime.

Please read on....

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