15 June 2017

Andrew Bartzis: Star Wars Soft Disclosure / Our Ancient Lemurian Atlantian Heritage ~ Servant of Truth ~ 16 December 2015

This is a collection of excerpts from various interviews or discussions with Andrew Bartzis. It's nice to re-watch these things now and then ~ it always reminds me of how unfathomably long and unbelievably complicated the system of domination and control has been in this hijacked Universe.

Please watch this 25-minute video here. Thank you to Servant of Truth for his dedication.

The "Mysterious Gil" said, "The past is old, the future is ancient." We can learn much from our ancient times, our TRUE ancient times, that is.

Some of the excerpts are based on these topics:
  • Andrew explains the 5D/6D Lemurian-Atlantean connection with the Jedi, and why some feel a strong affinity with that supposedly fictional identity, and how this real-life Alliance attempted to help those in trapped in domination and control worlds
  • How the dark forces force-incarnated into bodies on Earth to create their own population and anchor their presence
  • The extreme measures taken by the dark to erase timelines and existence of Ascended Masters, including moving Planets around like chess pieces, Earth being the "grandest prize in the Universe"
  • Manipulating free will of both Light and Dark forces, and challenging Prime Creator (referring to the multidimensional beings that hijacked this existence); "master manipulators on a galactic scale"
  • Star Wars is metaphysical Soft Disclosure
  • We have been tricked into manifesting (and perpetuating) this reality
  • Earth, having 200 Womb Chakras, (the usual is only 2 or 3) became a breeding ground for domination and control
  • Middle Eastern wars are to prevent womb chakras from opening (Andrew has specified that Syria is the site of a major womb chakra)
  • We are the ones responsible for the seven future generations; we need to tell the powers of domination and control that it's time for them to go
  • It's our prayers that help the Universe define change
  • Just like how the animals offered themselves for sustenance during the Ice Ages, we now offer our services in great numbers to form a unified global society during this time of massive changes
  • We are very young as a species in truly understanding Love.

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