30 June 2017

Attack of Lemurian Black Magicians: Final Update ~ Gabriel Raio Lunar ~ 28 June 2017

Source: Disclosure News Italia

As a result of the great efforts of the Lightworkers finally all of the old Lemurian was 100% transmuted! This old line was represented by, especially, seven mages remnants of the old Lemuria. Magi who, by personal choice, fell into darkness and were acting on the planet, in the last days, in order to recruit as much as they could for their movements.
They were involved in the Light and, at the moment, being sent to the spaces of Healing and Regeneration. Only one of them will go straight to the galactic Central Sun. For the others, there is a great chance of regeneration, completely.

As a result of their actions, many Lightworkers were heavily bombarded with their influences.

Three of the main negative spokes were:
  1. This is not worth it; I’m just getting tired
  2. None of this is true.
  3. Everyone just wants to take advantage of me.

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