16 June 2017

Biophoton Stargate Upgrades: Solstice Activations ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 15 June 2017

Very important update from Meg Benedicte.

Source: New Earth Central.

Every quarter during the Equinox and Solstice mid-points, a Stargate portal opens directly to the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Center. During these Gateway openings, the photon Light infusion alters your bio-energetic field with spiritual upgrades. Since the March Equinox Stargate, the upgrades triggered massive karmic clearing of past timelines during occupied earth. It was an intense cleansing of stuck memory/trauma/imbalances that built up while trapped in the soul net of reincarnation.

The past 3 months we were being prepared for the coming Solstice Stargate on June 20-21st. The powerful Solstice photon wave flooding the planet will usher in new upgrades to assist the ascension underway. This is a very positive stargate activation – stimulating mini biological stargates to open within your human energy field. This will increase access to multi-dimensional realms and strengthen the bridge between the virtual field and your physical life. The Solstice upgrades will enhance your ability to slide down to the physical particle field of matter what you create in the etheric realm.

The biological stargates operate like acupuncture points that create a spin field (torus) to access higher frequencies of expanded consciousness. These upgrades contribute to activating your light body merkaba and enhance your ability to perform alchemy - the active creation of your physical reality.

One of the deterrents of accelerated ascension is the planetary scalar pulse program poisoning the body and mind with negative thoughts, emotions and physical disease. I’ve been feeling very ill these past months from incoming scalar programming for parasitic infestation. The solution has included intense cleansing and concentrated deflection. I was guided by my Higher Self to focus my internal Soul scalar pulse to expand outwards thru the field to repel targeted interference. I no longer pick up any incoming programming of infestation. Now I can successfully cleanse the body back to health.

I mention this in case you are feeling besieged with external counter-force programming that is slowing down your ascension. Now is the time to break free of oppression so that you can rise to new levels of experience during the Solstice Stargate upgrades. I will include this activation in our Solstice Global webcast next week. I’m holding the vision for all souls to rise out of the denser fields of entrapment and live as a divine human.

Join other Light Warriors from around the world and seed your intentions in birthing alive the New Earth on June 20th at 5pm Pacific Time.

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Lovingly, Meg

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