10 June 2017

Black Forces and Nanotechnology ~ Lisa Renee ~ 5 June 2017

I feel that reading Lisa Renee's "White or Clear Neutral Forces" may be a good idea to provide a better background to this update.

Lisa explains why maintaining a spiritual discipline is crucial to prevent any untoward attachment or intrusion of these artificial black forces. Also, please know that this update may not have been written recently, so the situation may be a lot more improved by now, especially regarding the Moon. In fact, Lisa seems to have added this status at the end of her update.

Source: Energetic Synthesis

The recent geomagnetic shifts have resulted in alterations and failures of the microwave technology and alien black hole technology, which are primarily Black Subtle Forces, harvested and produced to circulate in the earth and in humanity. Black Subtle Forces are contained in dark matter, gravitational waves and are generated by the artificial magnetism in lunar transmissions. The manipulation of the earth’s magnetic field and gravitational forces are designed to manipulate DNA, control the carbon based matter on the earth body, as well as simulate these substances in labs, for use as nanotechnology weapons.

Essentially the alien's technological manipulation of the black subtle forces and dark matter have been used to manipulate and suppress the molecular structure in matter, producing artificial magnetic effects in order to compact and compress the molecular structure of the earth body and the human body.

Molecular compression is similarly to the piezo-electric effect, as matter is being squeezed it gives off biological light emissions. In order to comprehend the nature of primal subtle forces, and the reasons behind the NAA proliferating more and more of the black subtle forces in the earth, we will discuss these primal forces more deeply.

At the base level, there are black forces that exist in the Negative Polarity that especially connect to the material earth elements and the force of Gravity. It is the principle of unconsciousness or falling asleep in the material world, and its weight is very dense and heavy. As a result it tends to produce inactivity, darkness, dullness, and an absence of light, while it obstructs the person’s action potential or movement forward.

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