07 June 2017

Cern and Time Travel Experiments ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 4 October 2015

Source: Our Galactic History

The original purpose of the pyramids was to raise consciousness around them. In their own sense, they are mass evolution machines that have been used for good and bad.

The current system we have is trying to use it to suppress us.

The pyramid – in its day – was the height of its expression. The large hadron collider we have today is the height of the expression of hierarchical order. The 27 main families put the money in, researched the science, created the esoteric underpinnings of all the concepts and created 633 separate reality control projects that work with inside CERN.

Half of those go to time travel experiments where they bring in … just call them an artificial intelligences – one that did not naturally incarnate on this world. And it can exist inside the large hadron collider and it can filter time, understand time, it can communicate to agents on different points of history to determine if something that they did actually changed an effect in the ancient future. Or it can determine if some other time travel organization is trying to counter their particular plans.

CERN is aware of time and timelines and timeline genocide.

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