19 June 2017

Chimera, Remaining Draco & Dark Fleet Endgame Exposed. CRITICAL Meditation This Solstice. Tachyon Healing & Darkness’s Last Stand ~ Jim Tourtsakis ~ 14 June 2017

"All hands on deck" for the coming Solstice Meditation!

The audio is available here at Blog Talk Radio.

I haven't yet finished listening ~ what follows is a short write-up about this call.

** Update: If you only have 30 minutes to spare, then please listen to the last 30 minutes of this show. Crucial and time-critical information, in my opinion. **

Tonight’s guest for healing … empowerment … & RE-ACTIVATION, Dr Joseph McNamara of Tachyon Counseling, will go over important details about the crucial role tachyon particles play for healing, clearing & re-activation of our powers that were interfered with, building on what he explained in his last appearance on Ground Crew Command.

You’ll find out about:
  • What tachyon particles do for your plasma, etheric, mental, emotional & physical bodies to bring you far closer to experiencing your real power.
  • Why the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project is so important to win the war for Gaia’s grids
  • How a visit to a tachyon chamber can activate you to live your soul purpose.
  • Testimonials of people who have healed their physical bodies after a visit to a tachyon chamber.
  • … and much more
In the 2nd hour news analysis segment:

Please read on....

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