06 June 2017

Cobra & Prepare For Change May Interview ~ 4 June 2017 (Re-post)

** Re-posting this to add Yoda and link to The Portal **

Both the transcript and audio of the above interview are available at Prepare For Change. You can also access it through The Portal.

Some notes below, they are not comprehensive and include my own comments.
  • What's now popularly known as The Great American Eclipse  (more information here) on 21 (or 22nd, depending where you are) August 2017 is mentioned, with Cobra revealing that this special event presents the opportunity for the awakened population of USA to make positive choices about the direction they intend to take as well as expose the shadow government. He was unable to say more at this point.
  • Stargates no longer compromise, but several portals still are
  • Cobra confirms that we have our own inner stargates (that's how some Higher Beings travel, and this spirit-tech is just one of the inherent abilities of our highly-sought-after DNA)
  • We can always contact with the Goddess Energies which are now being transmitted to those who are ready to receive (and that includes our Mother Gaia energies)
  • To a question about tools to help with discernment, Cobra points out that we keep forgetting the key element of connecting with our Higher Self (not just for discernment, but everything else in our lives! Remember that the Ascension process is ultimately the embodiment of our True/Divine Self)
  • Situation with the dark attacks is not fully resolved but is now much better (I'm very glad for this validation, which I hesitantly wrote about a week ago). Cobra also encourages us to spread awareness about this situation and the use of invoking free will to cease the attacks
  • "....and actually the whole teleportation chambers basically takes maybe 10 – to maximum 20 sec to teleport from here to there.  (wow)" ~ wow indeed!
  • Main focus of RM right now is to prevent us from annihilating ourselves (my words), we were very close to a global war recently (could this be why we are still at "Red Alert"?)
  • Our meditations help the situation tremendously, and only the surface population are able to create the appropriate morphogenetic field to effect and affect the general population; the RM, our subterranean kin or others cannot do this for us as their psychological structure isn't the same as ours
  • This is also why they sometimes do not adequately understand our reactions, Cobra suggests explaining to them in detail or even address them on our blogs (fabulous idea!)
  • Negative AI nanites and plasma tech from TVs and other devices no longer the main threats now as they have been dealt with; Cobra also repeats yet again that post-Event, we will have access to healing, consciousness and free energy technologies
  • Updates about the stages of Universal Dissolution (I'm obviously assuming from Gabriel Raio Lunar/Disclosure News Italia) do not come from RM therefore Cobra is unable to comment on the validity of their claims. At any rate, Cobra states that this is now at a very sensitive phase so he will only issue more information in mid-June
  • "I would say the main obstacle is the Chimera group with their technology because if that would be removed we would have first contact right now and all that dogma would simply disappear overnight." ~ well said, Cobra!!
  • Now available ~ http://prepareforchange.net/cobra-interview-faq/
  • "...true morality is a reflection of the inner voice of the soul which tells you what is right and what is wrong"
  • About the Global Reset:  "It is more of a healing process for the world’s financial system.  It is an upliftment of the vibrational frequency of the global financial system.  It is putting the global financial system on a solid base that will allow humanity to go through the transition to a higher level of consciousness", it's not a get-rich-quick scheme
  • "The Event will be a special kind of light from the sun that permeates the earth and humanity.   It will calm humanity in the light and love energy.  It’s an energy not seen before on earth.  The banking system will stop, accounts and currencies reset and arrests will be made" ~ Cobra advises holding on to this vision to facilitate the transition
  • "Cobra means Compression Breakthrough.  The surface of the earth is inside a sandwich feeling pressure (intensely increased light) which brings up anything needed to be transmuted.  It also means that the point where the light forces from underground meet the light forces coming from space right on the surface of the earth" ~ perfect reason for Cobra's codename
  • A body without a Soul is robotic, and not a living being; the extreme psychopaths are not Soul-less, they are disconnected from Source
  • Archons: "They’re a part of the certain soul group that came from a certain region in the Andromeda galaxy and they are the ones that are actually engineering the incarnation process, so-called Lords of Karma and other descriptions that we have of them. They’re the ones who are suppressing humanity spirituality.  They are the ones responsible for creation for monotheistic religions, so called religious dogma."
  • Chimera (top of food chain):  "It’s another soul group that came from the Andromeda galaxy that is more technologically oriented and their purpose is to maintain quarantine status of the planet earth to keep humanity isolated and enslaved."
  • Sun and Sky are part of quasi-crystal grid that's a reflection of The One
  • The main ones continuing the dark agenda on surface now is the Cabal
  • "....the Archons behind the Jesuits that are controlling North Korea would like to create a state that is one big concentration camp and if that would be successful to expand this throughout the planet.  That is their agenda and of course that will never be allowed to happen"
  • "....the eastern new alternative system is getting stronger.  The western old Petro-dollar system is getting weaker and at a certain point they will be equal and then the new alternative system will become stronger than this one  This is a process which takes some time and this process will drastically accelerate around the time of The Event.  Then the new eastern system will be the back bone of the financial reset"
  • Russia isn't meddling with US politics
  • Both parties in US are being manipulated by Cabal to create as much division as possible
  • Chemtrails, GMOs, pollution, vaccines etc represent an on-going war on this front, increasing awareness assist Light Forces to contain them to a degree
  • Refugee situation is being contained ~ Cobra repeats that this was engineered by Jesuits to destabilise Europe; terrorist agents are planted among the refugees
  • President Duarte knows what's happening and has chosen his side
  • Yet again, Cobra reasserts that Trump is an instrument of the Jesuits
  • Manchester bombing engineered to create police state in UK
  • Rothchilds were just caretakers of wealth for Jesuits and Vatican
  • We are not yet in the final stretch, which will only happen right before The Event
  • Restoration of the Sangreal/Holy Grail: "It’s an on-going process that will again culminate at the moment of The Event.  I would say there are strong occult positive forces that are dissolving the energy background of the old system which was enabling that spiritual slavery that was happening on this planet"
  • Regarding identifying marks that connect us with certain Star Races: "Not so, but certain individuals that came from certain star systems can have very specific individual markings on the skin that relate to that particular star system."
  • Infighting amongst Lightworkers: "It’s basically a matter of choice and a matter of your decision.  You need just to make your decision not to be provoked with the understanding that all of this is engineered.  That’s basically what you need to do.  And then it’s up to you.  If you allow yourself to be provoked or not it’s your choice."
  • Maitreya is an Ascended Master from Sirius, bringing unconditional Love to Humanity
  • "I would say the Illuminati had their mystery school which had fragments of old mysteries and they have been interpreting those in their strange distorted way.  Some of them yes, they are worshipping Isis or Osiris or Horus in their own limited understanding.  That is basically for some of them that is their only connection with the light and it’s actually assisting the light forces to convert some of them into the light."
  • "....make your decision not to be provoked and make your decision to assist each other, support each other and be an example of the light."

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