16 June 2017

Confessions from the Tomb ~ Stephanie South ~ 16 June 2017

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift

Terrestrial humanity has not learned the mysteries of the progression of energy. It stopped at the first steps, not wanting to listen to the Teaching. We have always been present, showing humanity the Path, but no one is compelled to respond. On this path, it is necessary to acquiesce. I am not talking of the response of the external consciousness, but of the yes that must sound in the celestial worlds. After all, one must want to return Home.  –Trighuerino
The New cannot be built by applying old patterns. Unity with the Divine force is all that matters.

Many are the reflections on this day of the 65th anniversary of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan on this day of the Blue Planetary Night. This opening initiated the entire knowledge base of the Law of Time.

For those new to this, a bit of a recap:

In 1989 came the discovery of the two timing frequencies of the Law of Time, the 12:60 artificial time and the 13:20 natural time.
It is amazing to consider that the tomb of Pacal, dedicated in AD692, was discovered exactly 1260 years afterwards, and that exactly 1320 years after its dedication it would be 2012, the closing of the Great Cycle of History. (see Time and the Technosphere by Jose Argulles/Valum Votan).

42 years after the tomb of Pacal was discovered, came the discovery of the tomb of Red Queen adjacent to the tomb of Pacal Votan. Two tombs side by side, the male was fully inscribed and female was uninscribed.

There are many lessons held in the analogy of the Tombs. From the perspective of Cosmic History, the tombs signify an interdimensional passage from one world system to another.

But before we enter into the Mysteries of the Higher Dimensions, it is important that we are fully integrated in our third-dimensional body. There are many cautionary tales playing out on our planet today that we can learn from.

Those who receive higher teachings or who are put into positions of power, but who have not yet resolved their own emotional/psychological issues are in danger of a split or rupture in their electromagnetic energy field, making them susceptible for lower energies or vibrations to enter. We must work to evolve all bodies simultaneously.

Earthlings are quite a curious species. They like to possess or entomb knowledge. But Living knowledge can never be entombed–try to grasp it or put it in a bottle and it disappears.

Nostalgia also suffocates evolution.

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