21 June 2017

Crop Circle at Cheesefoot Head, Nr Winchester, Hampshire UK ~ 17 June 2017

Crop Circle Connector
I've been neglecting the Crop Circles that have been blessedly turning up quite frequently this season. This one is stunning, with a similar feel as an earlier one that appeared on 21 May 2017 at Oxlease Copse:

Crop Circle Connector

I don't know what both mean, but I hear "Solstice" and "Solar Eclipse" very loudly in my ears :)  And somehow, the Oxlease Copse one keeps giving me deja vu flashes. I actually thought I'd seen it a few years ago!

The video on this page will give us an idea of how massive the Cheesefoot Head formation is, and shows quite clearly the elegance of the lie and swirls. It's a truly beautiful formation.


  1. This makes me think it is a conformation that we are entering the Photon Belt.