14 June 2017

Diamonds of the Higher Planes ~ Tim Whild ~ 14 June 2017

Omigoddess, now I know why I was compelled to (reluctantly) create and (bravely) post the Glittering Rainbow Unicorn picture a few days ago, despite the fact that I don't "do" art.

Source: Practical Ascension

Unique and exciting energies have become a regular addition to our ascension process for many years now. Once 2012 came and went the vibration on our planet started to rise Spring merging into Summer, and this provided us with access to information that we had dreamed of in our cellular memory.

The main trigger for this the return of our twelve chakra system that had been dormant since the fall of Atlantis. As the expanded version of ourselves returned so did the ability to perceive the higher realms. Archangels became Universal Angels and the Sacred Rays quadrupled in luminosity..all of this had been sat outside our range of perception.

One incredible observation of this unique period of our evolution is the acknowledgment (or lack of) of these changes. Human beings are often so distracted by their lives, the media, that they overlook their own development and take for granted the new and exciting world around them as if nothing has changed.

Everything has changed.

As we move towards the 2017 Summer Solstice we see another jump in the field of Matrix surrounding the Earth. Every time there is an up shift in 5D vibration the conscious heart energy becomes more established as the primary energy on Earth. Those who are looking feel and see the effects very clearly but those who don't will be unable to remain separate from them for much longer.
In the past five years we have been seen so much light reconnecting to us. The Dragons, the Angels, the Masters and ET’s have all revealed higher expressions of themselves and enshrouded the Earth in their love.

This year the Unicorns have let the way leading towards the longest day. Sat in meditation the other night energies introduced themselves to me as ‘The Diamonds of the Higher Planes’ were clearly of a very high source.

At this level Unicorns no longer need to reveal themselves in a form that we can accept, they are simply the brightest light that you can possibly imagine…think of a star condensed into an orb the size of a football and you would be close.

For the following two nights I did not sleep as I integrated this new connection.

Every person that connects with this 10D energy will experience something different. They are here to change the world just as we are and are waiting for those who are ready to connect.

Here is a short visualisation to assist you to call them in.


1. Sit quietly with your favourite crystal in your left hand. Focus on relaxing every cell of your body by breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.
2. Call to the Unicorns and ask them to connect their highest possible aspect to you. They call themselves the Diamonds of the Higher Planes.
3. Focus upon your Causal chakra just above the top of your head and see it opening like a moonlit portal.
4. Relax and breathe for a moment as your Causal chakra connects with the 10th dimension.
5. In your minds eye see a myriad of sparkling diamonds floating through the darkness of space.
6. As these lights move towards you they become brighter and brighter until their luminosity completely fills your minds eye.
7. Give them permission to enter your space via your Causal chakra (all higher souls need permission).
8. Feel one (or as many as you wish) moving through your Causal. Greet them lovingly and ask them to be of service in any way that you feel is important.
9. Ask them to shower your life and the lives of others with pure Grace so that they may ascend smoothly. Send them to any location on Earth that you know needs help.
10. Unicorns work on the Ray of Grace. This is the highest version of Grace to become available to us so be prepared to embrace changes within your life.
11. Thanks these amazing Unicorns and return to your sacred space. Check your crystal in your hand, it is likely to be hot. Ask it to retain and shine the Unicorn vibration at all times.
12. Open your eyes and smile.

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