14 June 2017

Early June 2017 Alignment Blast ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 13 June 2017

After spending much time writing long rambling replies to long-overdue or urgent mail, I find that I'm feeling inclined to continue with my opinions, but you can always skip to the article :)

One theme that I didn't completely gel with Denise Le Fay is the concept of the stair-case progression. I've felt that the process was more cyclical (or spiral) with each cycle taking us higher, and the energies over the years doing their best to shove us along, with each cycle getting shorter and more intense. I believe that we didn't come here to be hand-held and patted over the head, because we needed to get "somewhere" sufficiently quickly so that when the lower reality begins their deconstruction, we would have learnt to already put on our big girl/big boy pants and at least try to be of some use or assistance.

Denise uses the concept of a kaleidoscope to explain Gateways, and I think that's truly brilliant! What a stunning metaphor to use, it's absolutely applicable! On our part, we need to unlock the codes within us so that we can align with the "pattern" on each Gateway.

And on a personal note, it's very comforting to read yet another source that confirms this "New" (there's been very many "new" cycles, but this one is new new new....) frequency that I felt and wrote about at the end of May. Judy Satori is another source who has also identified this newness. I feel that we'll get a couple more "new" ones before the August Eclipse.

Finally, from this update.....
"The potential for mass humanity to experience the big, ultimate, real-deal “Shift” in 2017 is a very real possibility in physicality. How soon it happens depends a lot on the Forerunners and how much and how quickly they individually can and are experiencing, living, embodying and being evolved by each Gateway and subsequent internal alignment with each one."

Source: High Heart Life

There was an explosive energy blast (aka ‘Gateway’) that instantly catapulted many of us into NEW higher levels of being and awareness the first week of June 2017. I’ve experienced these instant explosion-like energy blasts before but nothing like what happened about a week ago now. This energy blast was different and very tangible physically; there’s no doubt whatsoever that things have shifted upward like they never have or could before last week, and it feels extraordinarily good. More about that in a moment.

I’ve had trouble accurately in my opinion, understanding what some Ascension Teachers have meant when they used the term ‘Gateway’. I knew what they meant by the term, but not deeply and directly like I wanted. Over time and repeated encounters with them however, I’ve come to understand them in my own way which is typically visual. I’ve had trouble with words all my life because I come from a place—as all of us do—where words aren’t used because they’re not needed. Visual images, geometric shapes, coded Light patterns, amazing colors and complex patterns of different colored Light are words (pages and pages of them usually) for many of the higher awareness folks.

One of my favorite toys as a child was a cheap little kaleidoscope I got as a gift one Christmas. I’d stare into that thing, marveling over every new colorful complex pattern that manifested with the slightest turn of its front end cap. It was beautiful magic to me and those kaleidoscope images reminded me as a child of something very important and otherworldly.

A couple years ago I asked my Higher Self to help me accurately understand what ‘Gateways’ were and what I received were complex and beautiful visual images of different kaleidoscopic-like encoded Light patterns, each one wildly different in colors and patterns from the last one. As I watched these many kaleidoscope looking patterns and colors in my higher vision and awareness, I was simultaneously shown common physical combination locks with each different kaleidoscope image. These two visual messages informed me that the kaleidoscope-like images were what some others were calling ‘Gateways’ and that each one of them was very different and activated different things and DNA etc. within Forerunners, ‘Gatekeepers’, Gridholders, Pathpavers, NEW Energy Embodiers etc. These activation’s would happen and then we’d have to align with these NEW energies in and through our physical bodies. 

These ‘Gateways’ aren’t like the energy ‘Waves’ of past years that would come in, hit hard, then reside and give us linear time to acclimate to what had just happened. Stair-steps, energy stair-steps. These kaleidoscope-looking ‘Gateways’ (over the past three years about) are now ongoing energy alignments we have to make to and with because they’re not Stair-steps like before. They’re here, we encounter them one after another and must align our bodies with each of them (ongoing Embodiment and more) and this is happening faster in 2017 than ever before. Each kaleidoscope-like Gateway we experience now dials up (aligns) another section of numbers on a huge evolutionary Ascension Process combination lock that brings everyone another step closer to the mass global human collective “Shift”.

View these kaleidoscope images below but think/feel each of them as different energy ‘Gateways’ we Forerunners encounter, align with and are individually altered by. When enough of us do this then all of humanity (ready to do this I mean) will automatically Shift into the NEW higher frequency Earth and level of being and reality too. Think of these images below as numbers on an evolutionary combination lock, and as the Forerunners move through each Gateway, another set of numbers in that great lock is dialed into alignment now and fully in the physical level because they have aligned with and Embodied more within their physical bodies.

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  1. Grace...This super shift happened in june 4. For me...What happened is that "My Consciousness lost its weight and only like a balloon type level weight...This weight and the weight of my breath is then became equal..Final result is easy entrance in to myself through by breath... Breath consciousness arise that enables me an energy body feel.. Physical feel lost....On monday june 12 a revolving lightHole appeared...And light waves in circle form descending into my head from this revolving light hole...Also your meditation on me Around that time happened.. Harmony between breath and consciousness important... Breath should replace the role of consciousness means our enter into ourselves become easy..This is final...Ok to 3d .After then me the energy not me the ego...

  2. Stair case progression is Right...It is round by round of descending waves of light from central sun or light hole...To ourselves