27 June 2017

Goddesses, Don't Forget Your Inner Masculine! ~ Vera Ingeborg ~ 26 June 2017

To emphasise, this is about connecting with the Divine Feminine and Masculine, not the distorted versions of these energies. Also, please note that Vera has clarified that this update also applies to males as well ~ just flip the situations.

Source: Wake Up Experience

Note: This article is written out of the “Goddess-Perspective”. By no means it wants to ignore the “God-Perspective”, as they are two sides of the same coin. This article is just as true for Gods, and merely has to be turned around in terms of the traits of the energies mentioned. 

We read a lot about the return of the Goddesses and that a new astrological era, the Age of Aquarius, has begun. So naturally, we have all been busy with learning the way of the healthy feminine, being compassionate, introspected, feeling, intuitive, patient, receptive and creative. We learned the quality of being. But… this is only one side of the equation, and living in full wholeness is only possible, when we Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti, the Feminine and the Masculine are fully balanced within.

 How would it be possible to live a fully balanced and whole life without the masculine traits that are complementing our feminine qualities? And this is not about getting this balance from outside – for example from our Divine partner – no, this is finding this healthy balance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within. If we still look for something outside of us to balance ourselves – this is the very clear mirror showing us, what we still lack energetically, and what we need to learn to create for ourselves. Only then, we are able to share our wholeness with others, be it with friends, family or a partner. Only then, we don’t feel attached, needy or dependent anymore. Only then, as Osho says, all of our relationships become a relatedness.

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