28 June 2017

"Let's You and Him Fight" ~ Stephen Bassett ~ 22 June 2017

Better yet, instead of directing our anger at "them", transmute that energy into action and do something positive.

What I try to tell others is that they keep us so busy fighting each other on the ground that we don't even think of looking up at the "head". But once we all start looking up, and realise that this one "head" is the source of all strife on Earth, then we'll understand that we'll have to do the one thing they don't want us to do......Unite.

Source: Paradigm Research Group

Referring to transactional analysis, one of the classic games people (and governments) play is "let's you and him fight."There has never been a large scale human endeavor that did not have internecine battles, internal politics, mistakes, blunders, vendettas and mutual hatreds.

PRG would remind the citizen researchers/activists/journalists and witnesses engaging the ET issue the preeminent culprit in this matter is the United States and its close allies - in particular the United Kingdom. The U.S. government initiated and maintained the greatest lie in history for 70 years - 25 years past its shelf life. It created an intellectual ghetto that came to be called Ufology, tossed anyone who touched the ET issue into that ghetto, then laughed at their flailing efforts to function let alone get out.

Meanwhile, the U.S. conducted dozens of wars; spent trillions of dollars on military, intelligence and war fighting; and killed millions of people that included a great number of innocent men, women and children - or in war speak - collateral damage. There have been abuses of power and secrecy and mass surveillance, and the political structures tasked with oversight have degenerated into pathological lying and congenital hypocrisy.

PRG invites everyone to focus their energies, disdain, hatreds and frustrations not on each other but on the founders and shepherds of the truth embargo and end it so we can all move forward together. In other words, if you feel the need to get angry with someone, consider directing your anger at the entities above...............then reform them. Reform them all.

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