06 June 2017

Lightworker in Non-Lightworker Family ~ Lee Harris ~ 4 June 2017

Source: Lee Harris

For lightworkers, there is often not enough sustenance when they are with non lightworker family. It can be draining, for there is a healing that is required of you and sought from you that is not reciprocated.

Nor is it directly asked for or understood in many cases. So it is tiring to give because you are asked to remain open for hours at a time, siphoning off tiny particles of light, for that is all that will be received.

This is far more exhausting than working with one person who is open to receiving your light- what you can pass through you unto them. This is the big difficulty for light workers within families where light struggles to be present.

So know this. Know this to release this.
- From Family Peace

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