11 June 2017

Our Meditation Makes a Difference!

I know Cobra's coded updates aren't meant for us, but I'm also quite sure that we've been aware that the current red alert has been red for such a long time..... longer than I've been aware of any such updates.

There was a brief upgrade to black recently, but was downgraded back to red. If I'm not mistaken, (edited) the red alert probably started in April 2017, with some incursions into the black since then.

The reason for this short personal post is just to remind everyone how essential it is for us to continue with our weekly meditations. We can make a huge difference! All it takes is less than 20 minutes of our time to contribute positively to the Liberation effort.

See you soon :)

Thank you and Namaste! And let's create some Rainbow Unicorn Magic of our own ;)

PS. And the SR frequency is still "active".... let's ride this one and take it a whole level up with our meditation!
Space Observing System


  1. Grace....My mother died at the age of 69 on yesterday (Saturday 10)between 5.30 am 6.15 am indian standard time...She slipped then fell down into the floor on 6th Tuesday noon and this led to serious breathing problems ..As a result she left this dimension ...I am now in deep sorrow...So please pray for me.... Nazar, India

    1. Nazar, I am deeply sorry to hear about your tragic loss. I have performed a special meditation for you, and I truly hope you will be comforted. Please connect strongly with your Divinity and ask Her to help you through this period.

      Look after yourself, and your vibrations. Keep safe, and I wish for you inner peace.

      Many Blessings to you, Grace

  2. Many many thanks Grace ...Getting emotional support from my relatives now.....and angels like you...God bless

    1. Please remember to take care of yourself....Blessings