06 June 2017

Paul Selig ~ The Book of Truth: The Master Trilogy Book II

This is my review of Paul Selig and the Guides' latest teachings, which is available on 6 June in the US, which would be later today or early tomorrow towards the eastern side.

The hardcopy as well as ebook can be purchased at Penguin Random House or at Paul Selig's site.

Paul Selig ~ The Book of Truth

In this evolutionary phase of the Great Shift, Higher Guidance and teachings of Truth are urgently needed to enable us to navigate through with adequate understanding and practical know-how. Without the appropriate spiritual guidance, we may find ourselves becoming lost or overwhelmed by the increasing challenges that are inherent in a system that is undergoing a massive state of flux.

If we are cognizant of the fact that we are living in a fear-based resonant field vested in lies and deception, then it follows that each moment we collectively acquiesce to its existence ~ knowingly or otherwise ~ we perpetuate this false reality in continuity. This Great Shift dictates that all states or existences that are inauthentic be returned to a vibration of Truth. Naturally, the generator of the morphogenetic field that sustains this inauthentic creation is the collective mind of Humanity, obviously functioning in falsehood. The antidote to this situation can only be the Light of Truth.

Paul Selig and the Guides' “Book of Truth” is a spiritual beacon that illuminates our path so that we are able to easily and readily realign with the frequency of Truth. By teaching us to invoke and claim the Truth for ourselves, not just in this lifetime, but also all other lifetimes that came before, we position ourselves to step into our Sovereignty and start living our lives in Mastery as the embodied Christ Consciousness ~ a “re-identification” as the Guides call it. We re-assume the mantle of our True Self and re-establish our connection with Source. This sets up a new resonance that begins to alchemise our reality so that we can re-make and manifest a world that is in alignment with the higher octave of Truth.

The Guides take us through several powerful attunements, ranging from the foundation tenet of “I know who I am in Truth, I know what I am in Truth, I know how I serve in Truth” to ones more profound ~ each, however, is as potent as the next.

The wisdom that the Guides impart is sacred yet feasible; it is devoid of the mystery and mysticism that can sometimes cloud the inherent intention of some teachings. The only pre-requisite is the awareness of a world with control systems borne of untruths. Those who are new to the Awakening and Ascension process will appreciate the simplicity of the guidance, which gets to the core issues very quickly and effectively, while the ones who have been on the path for some time will welcome this guidance as an invaluable enhancement to their spiritual progress.

Buddha is believed to have said, “It is your mind that creates this world.”

Time now to re-create anew.

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