29 June 2017

Pillars of Light: Information Synchronicity ~ Solange Yabushita ~ 28 June 2017

I never made the connection, and I especially appreciate this update since I also posted something about the rare phenomenon of the "Pillars of Light" that appeared in Sabah just a few days ago. This update makes a lot of sense.....ATVOR!!

(I thought this update was from Gabriel Raio Lunar, but that's not the name I see on the update. So I'm just using what I see on the report.)

Source: Disclosure News Italia

Sometimes it may seem complicated to understand the Pleiades 1 Messages, but other times it’s not that complex.

One of the things that hinders the understanding is our old linear thinking. Linearity is definitely a structure of the old paradigm, the old energy, and it no longer fits the new way of using our cognition.

Explaining in a rudimentary way: the synapses (information passing through thought) do not have a defined linear path within the brain.

Instead, they move around carrying the information to the neurons, which have some kind of “casual” connection to their information, to then close the circuit and complete the idea.

Here we are talking about the information regarding the “Pillars of Light” mentioned above. The reader who closely follows the messages of the blog will relate the “Pillars” quoted by P1 with the “Pillars” mentioned by Cobra, and also with the “Pillars” cited by the Pleiadians.

The Pillars of Light are also known as Tubes or Columns of Light.

On the Cobra‘s part, the information is that ” The Forces of Light use advanced technology of Pillar of Light (ATVOR), to solve the primary plasma anomaly …”

The Pleiadians, in this is the message delivered to Gabriel, they stated “we inform you that tubes of Light in light Blue and Violet are being installed throughout the planet in an intensive, at this very moment, in order to accelerate the Process of ‘karmic liberation“.
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