06 June 2017

Re-Magnetising the Heart ~ Lee Harris ~ 6 June 2017

Source: Lee Harris

If you are trying to recover from something, replenish yourself. Place a hand on your heart and say to yourself, “I give myself my own love.” It is a powerful statement. “I give myself my own love.” Some of you will feel it going through the hand back into the heart, recycling what it is you send out. A lot of love escapes your body from this point, so send it back in.

The heart is a magnet when it is full. Think about that for a second. Think about the times in your life when you are greatly in-love with a person, a project, your own experience of life. Everything flows. The colors are more vivid. The light is brighter. You are the master of your heart, and the fastest way to feed it is through yourself. Very quickly you will find yourself able to connect with others to have the experiences you want; the relationships you want; the work you want; or the creations you want to birth that seemed to be having difficulty coming into form in the way they used to.

– From Remagnetizing The Heart

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